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Third Eye Blind
I Want You

I've seen suckers loose themselves
In the games they learn to play,
Children love to sing
But then their voices slowly fade away
People always take a step away
From what is true,
That's why I like you around,
I want you
Yeah you do... you make me want you
An open invitation to the dance,
Happenstance set the vibe that we are in,
No apology because my urge is genuine,
And the mystery of your rhythm
Is so feminine
Here I am and I want to take a hit,
Of your scent and it bit,
So deep into my soul,
I want you
You do you do, you make me want you
Send me all your vampires,
And I can't get enough,
And I can't get enough,
The village church yard
Is filled with bones
Weeping in the grave,
The silver lining of clouds
Shines on people Jesus couldn't save,
You want to know how deeply my soul goes,
Deeper than bones,
I want you,
And I can't get enough
After we did it by the window sill,
Smoke rings drift into the midnight sky,
Presently in the quilt that your mother made,
And a candle burns to fight off the gloom,
I said to live in this way is not for the meek,
But you talk real soft and kiss me on the cheek
And like a jazz DJ you talk me into sleep,
There will be no regrets when the worms come,
And they will surely come,
You do you do, I want you,
Send me all your vampires,
I want you

'I said to live in this way is not for the meek...'

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